Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good Small Tattoos

Just because you are looking for small tattoos doesn't mean you should be spending time getting to the quality, cute, feminine designs. Even though the design you want is not big does not mean you need to settle on generic, cookie cutter tattoo artwork. It might seems hard to do, though, especially considering the web seems to be overwhelmed with generic art. Well ,the good small tattoos are still out there and here's how you find them.

I can't believe how many people are not finding quality artwork for their feminine tattoo. I've seen way too many females (and male) settle on generic tattoo designs that they don't even 100% like. It's crazy tot think that anybody in their right mind would get tattooed with designs that they don't fully like, but they are. The worse part about this is that many of these people end up regretting getting tattooed with that artwork. It's just a little too late at that point, because the design is already etched on them. Those aren't small tattoos worth settling for and you shouldn't have to.

So, what is one of the main reason people keep doing this? Well, one of the huge reason is probably staring you right in the face when you are looking for those cute small tattoos. Yes, I am talking about search engines. They are extremely valuable tools, but they are also the tools that are leading everybody to all of the low ed galleries that have generic artwork. There was a time, not too long ago, when search engines would provide you with a wonder list of galleries with high quality tattoo art, but that's not the case any more. All people are getting now is this enormous list of bottom of the barrel websites. Each of them is stuffed with more cookie cutter feminine designs as that next place, even for small tattoos.

It's one thing to get a simple, plain cute tattoo, but it's another thing to "settle" on one, simply because you couldn't find anything better. What you need is a way to make sure you get to see the world of quality feminine artwork that is out there, before you make your decision on some small tattoos you aren't fully happy with.

So, how do you accomplish this? You do it by using the underused internet forums. It's a whole different world inside of the larger forums. There are real live people in here and the big forums are stuffed with topics about tattoo artwork. If you take just a little bit of time to skim through some of these topics, you will be in heaven. It's a places where you can get a peek at where people all over the world are locating quality artwork. There are so many wonder tattoo galleries with good small tattoos you aren't seeing and you can find them this way with relative ease.

If you have just a little bit of patience when looking for the cute, feminine small tattoos for your tastes, you can insure that you come away with the exact design you want.

Odd places for tattoos

People get tattoos on many different places on their body. Some people get tattoos on their wrists while others get tattoos on their backs but where are some stranger places for getting a tattoo? There are actually many surprising places for people to get tattoos. The following are four spots that one would normally not think to get tattooed.

The bottom of your foot is a place where many people get tattooed. The truly odd thing about tattoos on the bottom of your foot is that since there is so much wear and tear done to the sole of a foot a tattoo in this area rarely seems to last very long. This makes many wonder why you would want a tattoo on this place of your body.

The side of your scalp is another odd spot where people like to get tattooed. While likely not to be the strangest place you could get new body art, some of the designs that people get there that would make it appear rather strange area. You will also need to continually keep your scalp shaved in order for your tattoo. It also qualifies as an odd place due to the fact that you can cover it up simply by growing out your hair.

Getting a tattoo on the inside of your lip is another very strange spot. It may be a shocking statement but there is way more tattoos on the inside of people lips then you know. The most popular inner lip tattoo is usually a name.
The palm of your hand is yet another strange place to decide to get tattooed. The fate of a tattoo placed is very same to a tattoo done on the sole of a foot. There is so much wear and tear on this part of the body that a tattoo will not last very long.

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Tattoo - Naughty and Nice Thorns

A set of two thorn tattoos, one is naughty and one is nice.

Simply place the temporary tattoo where you want it on your body, rub it with water and you've got a great looking temporary tattoo. These will wear off after a few days of use, or if you need to get it off immediately, simply rub it off with rubbing alcohol.

Wear them both together, separately or cut out sections of them for placing on different areas of the body. Each band is 3/4" tall and 7.5" long.